Apple Music Concept

Began a design study and concepts for improving Apple Music on Mac


January 2016


  • Photoshop
  • Vector shapes
  • Dynamic gradients
  • Layer styles



I based my design on a few core foundational principles. The point of Apple Music, as I see it in my several months of use, involves a cycle of exploring, saving, and listening to music. I believe there should be a social or sharing aspect to this, which sits in between all steps in the cycle. Explore, save, and listen can each behave like its own separate mini-application, but they all need to transition control to any other step seamlessly at every point in the cycle.

With that in mind, this specific piece depicts DJ Siri, a possible implementation of Siri paired with "For You" and iTunes Genius that creates great playlists for you based on your current activity or mood.

This project is in progress.