iPhone 5 Concept

Proposed an iPhone 5 design concept lauded around the world


June 2011


  • Photoshop
  • Vector shapes
  • Dynamic gradients
  • Layer styles


  • Featured in MacUser Magazine
  • Front page of DeviantART Industrial Design category
  • Featured in dozens of "Top Ten" and "Best" iPhone 5 Design rumor articles


In the onset of the iPhone 4s announcement, I proposed a fun idea and concept on DeviantART, and it blew up in popularity. Hundreds of comments, emails, and article requests later, I wished I had been more serious about this design and went further into explaining the reasoning behind it.

The idea behind this design was:

  • The home button is still clickable (or provides haptic feedback), like a Mac trackpad
  • The silver strip on the bottom the includes the home button and the LEDs acts like a trackpad, letting users perform swipe gestures without obscuring the screen.
  • The ambient light sensor determines the brightness for the home button as well as the screen
  • The LED lights on the right show:
    • Battery life in green
    • Flash white for any unread notifications using Notification Center
    • Turn orange for No Service/No Connection
    • Flash Red for extremely low battery